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Flipkart introduces same day delivery of shopping items

After Amazon promised in a day delivery, Flipkart has now upped the ante with a **Same Day delivery promise** for an introductory price of an additional 140 bucks. The next day delivery still stands at Rs.90 additional just as before. Post the offer the delivery charges will be raised to Rs.200, which in my opinion is a bit on the higher side. Even if a person takes a bus or auto from their Whitefiled sort facility for instance and come directly to my house, this is perhaps what it might cost.

By placing an additional cost, Flipkart is trying to address those customers who would otherwise shop on Amazon, as well as those customers who have the fastest fingers first philosophy on online shopping. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab that favorite gadget of yours and get it on the same day if you order before 12 noon. Yeah, obviously no later than that :-)

Let's now wait for Amazon to counter that and then Flipkart to come up with 2-hr shipping !

Hotel Kodai International Review

During the long holidays, I had a chance to visit Kodaikanal for the first time in my life. While I will write a different blog post on the route I took and other iternary related information, this post is just to review my stay at Hotel Kodai International in Kodaikanal.

I was expecting that the hotel was setup in the midst of a tea garden, but my expectations were shattered when I reached the hotel. It was in the middle of the town, just couple of kms away from the really charming Kodai lake.

**Reception lobby**

The reception area is large and inviting, and there is a reasonably useful car porch outside. There are sofas placed around the reception area with a nice front desk. The experience of checking in was pleasant. There are also couple of restrooms for public which are neat. Also, there is the cafeteria/restaurant which has access from the lobby. This also has a very small play area with colored balls for small kids, but I found it to be near useless and with no light or air,…

Pronto car wash review

Though I've been a regular at the Pronto Car Wash at HSR Layout, I only got some time to blog about this facility now due to many constraints.

The Pronto Car wash is fully automatic car washing system like you find in other countries. While other countries offer many different options like waxing, foam, etc the car wash facility here is a set of simple soap wash, water wash and air dry sequences.

There is also a manual water wash and interior cleaning done by the people working these which include shampooing of seats and vacuum clean and drying before the car goes in for exterior wash.

The cleaning system itself is made of a heavy frame with moving parts and three cleaning brush sets. It also has sprinklers under the chassis at floor level which sprays water jets for the belly of your car. The dryer module is one that adjusts itself by height as it traverses the car by automatically computing its current height so as not to damage the car. The dryer unit is powerful and ensures that …

Sygic Android mapping app short review


I had a chance to test the Sygic maps app for my LG G2 android phone for using it on my second trip to tiruvannamalai this week. Some of the observations I noted about the app are listed down here.

* The developer is not from india
* The installation itself was fuss free and took a while to download the app and relevant maps of Karnataka and TamilNadu.
* The user interface theme is a bit colorful and may not be to everyone's tastes
* The layout of the map and associated informaton on the panel is very good and provides a reasonably good readability during all times of the day
* Offline maps is an advantage like we have with nokia here maps
* Keep alive sound that says the GPS system is still on and working. Available even on lock screen. good touch!

Some of the things I noticed while using this app was more related to the road conditions on that day. I needed to take a right tur…