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Lenovo K-900 in-depth review

With this blog post, I bring to you a detailed review of the Lenovo K-900 mobile phone which was launched sometime ago by Lenovo India. This is not exactly a new mobile phone that is setting the sales charts on fire of late as much as the new Moto-G, but however the review is primarily meant to focus on Lenovos intentions and capabilities in making a mobile phone.

So shall we begin?
The Design Excellence

When everyone were only bothered about design in terms of lesser weight or bezel or etching, etc, or even gold or silver brushed titanium finishes Lenovo has done the unthinkable. The K900 is an amazing piece of hardware. If you want me to keep it to the point of discussion I have never seen something as slim as this in my life yet. Perhaps the Gionees newest slimphone release comes close but the Lenovo K900s design speaks a great deal about their industrial design strengths. If you see my previous post about the Lenovo X1 Carbon, you know what I am talking about.

Verdict: Absolutely awes…

Nafees Roasted Bread (Rusk biscuit) review

I had a chance to buy the Nafees Roasted Bread (or Rusk as we call it). Since decades Ive eaten a lot of rusk biscuits. Initially though they were to really enjoy eating them it slowly turned out to be a quest for the perfect roasted bread. Something that was not hard. Something that would not just melt in the mouth, but something that would crack and crumble with unmistakable crispness which was with just about the right best quality known to me.  

The Nafees rusk biscuits is just that. At about a little over Rs.30 for about 24 pieces or 200 grams, and a great packaging to go with it, this makes for a good tea time snack. Get yourself one today !!

Anderson Metals brass garden hose swivel fitting review

I embarked upon a project to connect my garden hose to a proper tap and to a set of click connectors to enable my KARCHER high pressure car cleaner. In that quest of the perfect set of connections, the first of these series is to explain to you about the brass garden hose connectors which is sold by Anderson, via Amazon Inc ( Here is a brief video showing you the product

The next part would focus on the Gilmour quick set connectors for garden hoses. Stay glued and wait for the second set of reviews! Please do let me know your comments under the comments section.   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,