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Showing posts from 2014 is now officially

Its the close of the year 2014. As we bid goodbye to 2014, the hope is that the next year 2015 will bring in better opportunities, more happiness, and the unconditional joy of supporting others achieve what they desired for.

Let me take this opportunity to let you know that my blog at, started in 2006 has come a long way in the next eight years to where you see it now. Going forward the blog moves into 2015 with a newer name - the Bangalore Blog.

All the old content is still available at this new place, as is where is. And the coming year is only going to get better with my resolve to bring to you articles with insight into trends of 2015, and my intent to share more knowledge with you. If you have any feedback, you are welcome to use the disqus commenting system on any of my blog post to tell me your valuable feedback.

Through The Bangalore Blog , I sincerely wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2015.

Why my mind switched from Maxpider car floor mats to 3M's NOMAD

From a long while for many of my cars I had always dreamt of buying the Maxpider KAGU 3D floor mats. They were probably one of the most sensibly designed floor mats beautifully designed with a depth factor to help keep dirty legs contained within the mat area.

Also I believed that these car mats would help keep dust off the rest of the car footwell areas. Priced at about Rs.5000 and now about upto 2000 more, this was perhaps the best fit for any car.

Recently I had been to [**3M car care, HSR Layout**]( to get my Sunny interior cleaned with 3M special foam for about 2000 bucks a session. During that time, since I knew the service guys well, I casually chanced upon a floor mat roll being sold by 3M guys. I remarked that I am impressed with Maxpider and was looking forward to install it. This is the time some more sensible talk unfolded about 3M's own car mat brand -the **NOMAD**. They showed me the mat which did not…

Why I will never buy a blackberry again ....


Image Source : [NDTV](

Everyone knows about Blackberry. No not for the wrong reasons, but right ones. They were Canada's regining kings in making mobile phones, much like the Finnish Nokia. Their phones always had an aura when you held the product in your hand. It had amazing finishes and the right set of ports to get your business going. One look at the phone and you knew you had just the product you needed to start making your day good.

Their desktop software with the latest Blend made the phone usage experience so much better. Everything is hunky dory about Blackberry. Including their new passport. They had enough time on earth to spring back from the dead. But instead of arising from the dead like the phoenix from the ashes, they have come out of the dead like a half eaten wild buffalo from the jaws of a crocodile.

How many years did blackberry have till now to …

Big Basket and the art of shopping groceries easily

From a long time I wanted to try my hand at shopping groceries sitting at the comfort of my home. Just imagine driving your car to a mall, climbing few floors using escalators, pushing around huge carts, with annoying kids tugging at you, and ending up in that serpentine billing queue. The headache you have at the end of the day was expected!

The first time I ever tried grocery shopping was via **Fabmart**, which later went onto become Fabmall under retail, which was then became after which K Vaitheeswaran considered as the forefathers of online shopping and commerce decide to sell it to Aditya Birla Group which has renamed the brand as More and the legacy goes on.

After nearly about 15 years since then, a formidable shopping experience has begun via This website basically ships its supplies from its warehouses in each city sometimes as far as about 40-50 kms from your location or even more. The whole experience of buying from BigBasket involves few importan…

Norpro the chopper with a truly big mouth

Source : [Amazon USA Website](

I am a fan of kitchen tools (using gadgets or appliances here would be wrong terminology). Each time I visit the home centre I always make it a point to keep myself updated about what the latest in kitchen tools are. However I still feel India needs to catch up with the west on introducing some great tools.

In the context of this dialogue, I happened to look out for vegetable choppers on shopping sites such as amazon USA for pointers to what is the best currently selling there. After a lot of debate on multiple choppers, I made up my mind to order the Norpro Vegetable chopper. Advertised as quite a heavy duty chopper - manual of course - I was pretty impressed with a stream of positive reviews on this tool.

An unlucky friend of mine (people who bring you things from usa are always unlucky for finding you and your job for them are they not?) agreed to carry this for me from there. Priced at a little over …

Holding the iPhone 6 in my hand for the first time

Today I had the chance to experience the iPhone 6 as my friend had come home with the phone. I had [posted earlier]( about the first look of iPhone 6 and 6 plus with my opinions on which one I would suggest to buy.

I would let the picture do all the talking on how the iPhone 6 feels in my hand. For those who wish to know I have a sufficiently large hand with long fingers. The iPhone 6 feels a bit narrow than my LG G2 but only by a maximum of about 1/2 inch or so w.r.t screen. The bezel of the iPhone does not feel all that odd.

What makes all the difference though is the thickness of the iPhone compared to any other phone. Personally after toying around with the iPhone 6 and LG G2, I still feel the latter is a little bit more meatier when it comes to size and weight. It feels just about right for holding it properly compared to iPhone. But where the iPhone scores is about how thin it gets on your palm. Its absolu…

iPhone 6 and 6 plus first impressions at Imagine store, Forum mall, Koramangala

I had a chance to visit the apple store for the second time today to try my luck at getting my hands on with the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus to be able to provide my opinions through this blog.

Image source : [Apple India website](

To my luck, I visited Imagine store at the Forum mall in Koramangala and found these two phones there. So without much ado, here are some thoughts about the iPhone.

Apple had launched the iPhone a month ago with great fanfare in the USA and the subsequent India launch turned out to be a damp squib with delays in the phone being available. Its november now and the phone has finally hit the showrooms. With the HSR Layout iCentre not having the iPhone 6 or 6 plus I was forced to just understand the dimensions only by seeing the phone cases which was a practical joke.

However today finally my eyes could feast on Apple's next marvel of engineering.

The iPhone 6 looks like an elongated and thinned down version of the iPhone 5s. Its just not as fat,…

When no amount of planning makes any sense .....

I wanted to write this article for a long time but there were too many things in my way blocking me from making this article available on the blog. Pretty much things that correlate to the topic in question - planning.

After a month's worth of planning to go to a trip to the Arabian sea front, and after booking relevant train tickets, and air tickets after much thought it was the day for us to leave Bangalore. The unusual rains that wrekced the city in the last two days did not bode so well with my thought process and it had left me pretty spooked about the trip itself.

I had a Taxi for (un)Sure booking at 5:30pm on the 26th of september. Being a Friday and peak hour, I decided that the booking at this time was perfect enough to reach the railway station in 2 hours from then, a reasonable assumption these days for people traveling in Bangalore. It was about 14-15 kilometers and by any means 2 hours is sufficient time for me to reach the station by 7:30pm for an 8pm train. Or so I…

Why Bristol furniture makes a statement with respect to style & function

I was scouting around for computer chairs for my mini SOHO space. We have all been through this phase of life of looking at hundreds of computer tables and chairs only to find after buying that it did not either suit the style quotient we expected or the functionality we wanted. Maintaining such furniture has routinely become a pain in the neck as well.

In these days of do it yourself furniture minus the hassle of a carpenter, things have become a bit more easier, but nevertheless the value for money with regards to materials being used is still a question in everyone's minds.

I happen to work with an MNC where they have some really tough, reliable and solidly functional office chairs which has made my back feel much better since four to five years now. I happened to google the net for [**Bristol**](, a furniture company from Malaysia which provides these for my office. I also have a nostalic connection with Malaysia since a decade now and hence …

Read this post before buying anything from

I Recently attended a training session and when the trainer gave me his business card, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of that card. It was made of thick plastic, with surprisingly good inks used. It was shiny and so professional that it made me genuinely interested to source some for my own self with my details.

These cards were made by **[Plasma Designs UK](**, but their costs were very prohibitive for a beggar like me. For a 100 pack of cards they were charging anywhere upwards of USD 199 which was too high for my reputation and business. So my quest naturally turned to Indian online print services that would provide me something similar. I have already ordered many items from **[Zoomin](**, and **[PrintVenue](** online but they did not have my kind of need yet. So my attention fell upon a new website **[PRINTLAND](**.

This website offered me the custom…

The Mi3 phenomenon - Xiaomi's value for money android smartphone reviewed in depth

I had sometime in the afternoon today and my son wanted to go on a drive with me. Since almost a couple of weeks I've been also trying to secure some time to take a quick look at the Xiaomi Mi3, which is the current rage on Flipkart (for the right reasons) and Facebook (for the wrong reasons). Thanks to [**Subra**]( - a close friend of mine, I got an opportunity to play with the phone for a few moments which was highly essential for me to write about the experience. Writing about a phone through perception is one thing, and writing about it after handling it is an entirely different thing.

Having set the context, you can easily get the specs of this android phone anywhere on the net. The notable points about it are

- The price - about 14000
- The configuration
- Snapdragon 800 CPU with Adreno 330 GPU
- 5" full HD screen, 441 ppi pixel density
- 13 megapixel rear cam with 2.2 and dual LED flash, 2 MP junk front cam
- Wifi direct, dual…

Why other car manufacturers will have a tough time to beat the Nissan Micra CVT?

Source ([motorbeam](

Along with the test drive of the Honda Amaze automatic (which would also mean Brio AT), I also got a chance to take a test drive of the Nissan Micra CVT. After a rather long 2-3 hours at the Honda showroom, we just stopped by the Surya Nissan showroom for a test drive for Micra CVT. Since we were very tired we told the dealer guys that if it was possible they could give us a test drive at our home itself and quite courteously enough they agreed.

And as I drove to my home in my Sunny, I did find that the test drive vehicle was always keeping pace with us no matter how fast I drove. Upon reaching our home, each of us took a test drive of the CVT Micra which I will elaborate more upon just below.

For those who know about the Nissan Sunny, barring the exorbitant amount of space, the Micra's interiors are pretty much a xerox copy of the Sunny. True that it's not so great to compare the hatchb…

Why you must read this post before buying a Honda Brio or Amaze Automatic

I had a need to evaluate an automatic car for my friend who just relocated to India. In pursuit of this I wanted to test drive the Nissan Micra CVT and the Honda Brio AT (yea the car that loves you back!).



So we headed to the nearest Honda showroom. Since the Brio was not available I had to make do with an Amaze petrol automatic which was still okay for me since the only difference between the younger hatch and its elder sub 4-meter sedan was the boot. Having put that behind, I sat in the Honda Amaze AT first. The car did not have a push to start option so I had to turn the key for ignition the good old way.

Just before trying out the Honda Amaze I took some time to check out the new Honda City in the showroom itself. I must state here that the new Honda City has definitely matured into somewhat of a C-Segment car now. Its more plush, the dashbo…

Why Chennai silks in Karur is undoubtedly one of the best shopping centers in the city

When I was staying in the Residency Karur, of which I have written an earlier review **[here](**, I was tempted to visit the Chennai silks showroom which was just few meters away.

Having been to the sprawling 4 to 5 floor chennai silks showroom in (well) Chennai :-), I expected similar standards here too in Karur. And I was not disappointed at all.

The ground floor is full of fancy dresses and jewelry, the first floor was the kids section which was so large that one could go on shopping on and on without an end. For the sweltering heat of 40 degrees, the showroom offered utmost comfort with drinking water available at every floor (chilled needless to say).

The first floor also housed a traditional section for silk sarees. The whole unit was done up with lots of wood so it gave a completely traditional ambience as compared to the other sections around. The counter staff was very courteous and even showed how the selected…

Why "The residency Karur" is the best place for you to stay in Karur

We decided to stop over in Karur owing to the fact that the drive from Kodaikanal to Bangalore could be pretty lengthy. The next challenge was to find a good hotel in Karur. Most of the times, my father always used to suggest Valluvar near the bus stand. But that was more of a stop and go hotel just to refresh yourself and had no great restaurant or ambience whatsoever.

More recently a hotel by name “[The residency](” had opened up in Karur which was off the highway by a very less distance. I checked on TripAdvisor and found that there were no rooms available for my stay. I picked up my phone, called the hotel and they agreed to provide me two rooms for the same dates. The bonus was a 24-hr checkin checkout policy. It almost took about 2 to 3pm to reach the hotel from Kodai hills. But this checkin policy was the comfort zone.

The hotel’s car park is behind the hotel and though there is security, an unfortunate thing was that it was not a close…

Why Clique from Henge docks is a perect companion for your iMac wireless keypad and trackpad

This was a long pending quick review of the Clique dock from [Henge Docks]( To put in simple manner, this is a dock to hold the Apple wireless keyboard and the Apple wireless trackpad (both amazingly created and crafted accessories) together in one horizontal plane.

Selling for about 25$ (within usa, plus shipping for international) this was a nifty addition for my aging iMac. So i ordered the same and when the package arrived, it looked stunning. There were instructions all over the place and the packaging was looking excellent. Like all USA products, extensive packaging, one would like to put it!

The package contained the henge dock within a layer of packaging foam which looked nice and soft. Once I removed the dock my expectations were grossly undermet. What I expected was a hard aluminium or titanium matte finished dock surface and I was completely astounded to see that it was made of a more thinner, fl…

Flipkart's mobile app bar code scanner review

I got a chance to test out the flipkart mobile app bar code reader today. This feature works in a simple manner, choose bar code reader, and it uses your camera to read bar codes from objects that you are interested in.

As long as the barcode is a universal barcode as per what is used across the country, and further that item is available in flipkart, it uses the scan results to divert users directly to that product page where you can purchase the same product easily from the online store.

So if you are at your friend’s home and you see a product you are interested in, you can do a quick bar code scan check using flipkart mobile app to see if the same product is available at their store.

Check out the video below to know more.

Get ready to welcome the new Honda Mobilio MUV

Honda is about to launch its MUV the Mobilio. Well known for its new design, ample space, good petrol and diesel engine and an automatic variant with two rows of airconditioning and ample storage spaces, this vehicle is going to sell like hot cakes when it comes out to the market in a month or two.

The mobilio will compete against Ertiga, Ecosport, Duster, and XUV 500 all good in their own right, and also having good amount of booking wait times now.

Meanwhile it is interesting to see the Mobilio in its most clear form in the real world through this indonesian marketing video. The video is not in english, but still its worth watching to see what the company will launch in india. Most things such as warranties, versions and features would match what is being sold in Indonesia, so this is pretty much the version India will see.

Take a look and enjoy