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Nissan Sunny dCI diesel XL 15000+ km review

The pros of Nissan Sunny 
  • Extremely lightweight aiding an awesome mileage of 18kmpl under city traffic in Bangalore
  • Nifty features such as automatic climate control
  • Bonnet release latch is accessible only on a slight lift of bonnet after open, something everyone else would not know!
  • Follow me home headlamps are a feature on this car that is never advertised
  • The maximum speed I could achieve is 162kmph, beyond that the car could not be pushed to its limits
  • 100-130kph is the sweet spot for cruising
  • Enormous rear and front space - and this is what the car is advertised for!
  • Huge boot space - can take about 2 large sized trolley bags, one child seat, 3-4 small travel bags, basket, at least 10 covers full of material and more.
  • Cruises efficiently with almost immediate pick up on demand
  • One of the best front seat arrangements
  • on slower speeds there is sufficient ground clearance for a fully loaded car
  • ABS, airbags, child locks, electrical adjustible side mirrors, window roll down block, are all expected and available features
  • upon reaching about 10kph of speed, the doors lock themselves which is a good addition.
  • handles very well on good roads
  • On potholed roads, it glides over some potholes, whereas it translates the road unevenness to steering over other deeper potholes
  • Only two service centers, and Shahwar is better than Surya in Bangalore going by reviews online, but online reviews only constitute 20-30% of actual owners and its hard to say that Surya isnt effective. But
  • Surya is a newcomer though and is still to prove themselves.
  • Shahwar does a decent job so far.
  • Service required only 10000km once, and if you dont push the car too much, then its smooth going for that many kilometers
  • has definitely converted me from a maniac driver to an executive driver from hatchback (Swift D) to Sunny.
  • Very suitable for family of four with lots of space to keep things including the floor.
  • Rear visibility is good though window curves are sharp towards the rear
  • Very good manouverability for taking turns owing to excellent EPS (steering)
The cons of Nissan Sunny 
  • Fragile after 140kph, better not to push it that far since is a japanese vehicle
  • Under thigh support is lacking in the rear seats but can be adjusted with presence of space
  • I have puny tyres of 14 inches (stock ones) which are highly unsuitable and an upgrade to Yokohama was suggested to me
  • Speakers are moderate and the audio system can have had bluetooth compatilibity for that price range
  • Lot of swing if driven carelessly
  • The bumper is a bit soft and if the car is driven too fast on road humps, likelihood of scraping underneath is high
  • The braking system of this car is NOT reassuring and you have to really decide when to brake much in advance. Also the front passengers are thrown forward while the rear passengers are at a more easier comfort on braking.
  • Using nitrogen on stock tyres makes the car float a bit which is not such a good feeling
  • On roads during very heavy rains and winds, upon driving fast into a puddle of water, the water hits the under chassis with way too much noise which is translated into cabin. Cabin sound deadening is not along expected lines of Vento, or Linea perhaps.
  • This is no more than five seater, so dont try more than that many people
  • Rear blower is a waste since its NOT an AC.
  • Seating for fifth person is not so ergonomic but then the fifth guy is always an unwanted invitee isn’t it ? :-)
  • Difficult to clean and maintain since its a caaaaaaar.
  • Parking in regular parking spaces at home can be trickly owing to length
  • Very torquey and requires that you learn how to handle the car in stop and go traffic, has the potential to gain speed on clutch release alone which is both a boon and bane as the case maybe
  • Could have been more bottle holders considering the car size
This is a car that keeps the driver and copassengers happy at all times. Time to strike a conversation then on long drives! 
  • 2 services done so far, both from company side, another pending at 20000km.
  • only oil and filter changes, and cleaning upholstery etc - nothing else so far
  • fill it shut it forget it car.
  • not so great for bad roads though there is enough ground clearance. SUV maks more sense for such roads
  • Nothing added except bluetooth to AUX, and a mobile mount
  • Nothing changed on car since purchase, no modifications done so far


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