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Yedyurappa - Adikegey hoda maana, Aaney kotru baradu

Its interesting how people go behind what they lost. Its not uncommon that leaders try to regain their lost positions - or must I say politicians? In the same vein ever since Yeddy lost his seat as CM and was asked to step down in july last year, he has taken every opportunity since then to come back into the BJP which was stung with corruption cases, infighting and dissidence related issues.

It was then very evident that a successor for him was coming from his own camp within his team, when many others in the BJP were suggesting candidates who were not close to him in the interest of the party. Finally it boiled down to a lot of war of words from the BSY camp and Shettar camp. With both the governor and opposition targetting him, he also started being targeted by the BJP top cops themselves.

He had to do something soon so that people stopped climbing on his back. So he quickly chose his closest pal (at that time) - you know literally speaking - the same guy whose smile blinded cameramen with 1000W flashes - Sadananda Gowda, and nominated him as the next CM until he came out clean - which he never did until a year later even now.
Ananth Kumar has been the biggest thorn for Yeddy in his political career and one that is digging deeper and deeper into his flesh. This goes to show no matter how much someone is located at central, they can very well meddle with local politics. However this is not the same case for Congress where Krishna is still looked upon to support the team back home while the laggards back here hardly care about where the party is going. Always there is one Gandhian to lead the show and also get a big pie of everything. And anyway they are the opposition and can wake up only during election times.
I still remember the day when BJP routed JDS and congress and Yeddyurappa cried on the screen - which isnt new by the way - that he will uphold the state an steer it towards a clear developmental path. He also told that infrastructure is the highest focus area. And we can see that with the way BJP is uprooting trees here and there! With his enormous acting skills one could easily be convinced that he could hold his position forever.
There ended the similarity between Modi and Yeddy. Modi has visionaries who assist him on daily basis on how to make Gujarat great. Yeddy has dissidents who always assist him on how to pull himself down and out. Karnataka having lots of land is another horrible reason for subsequent politicians to be defocussed out of their normal duties! Giving the power of denotification of land for personal use is like giving a machine gun to a monkey. One look around Bangalore and we can see how this is being (mis)used to glory. How else can you explain builders making billions by selling ultra luxury apartments in the lap of mother nature and right besides a beautiful lake all for yourself? Have you seen the map of Sobha developers and the amount of projects they have around Bellandur Lake? That is what I am referring to when I say what will happen if such permission powers are provided!

Every single lake and forest has apartments next to it. Sobha forest view, Royal lakeview, and so on. Have you ever wondered where these apartments send their effluents to? Think a bit. The answer is not hard to arrive at. With Karnataka facing the highest taxes, scandal after scandal, the IT and BT industry losing their sheen, and infrastucture messes, we need someone who is a visionary at the helm to tackle all this. Not someone who denotifies a bit of land for himself and his family and still expect to regain a chief ministerial berth when there is a new and fresh CBI case against him.
Yeddy - Adikeygey hoda maana, aaney kotru baradu


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