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Yedyurappa - Adikegey hoda maana, Aaney kotru baradu

Its interesting how people go behind what they lost. Its not uncommon that leaders try to regain their lost positions - or must I say politicians? In the same vein ever since Yeddy lost his seat as CM and was asked to step down in july last year, he has taken every opportunity since then to come back into the BJP which was stung with corruption cases, infighting and dissidence related issues.

It was then very evident that a successor for him was coming from his own camp within his team, when many others in the BJP were suggesting candidates who were not close to him in the interest of the party. Finally it boiled down to a lot of war of words from the BSY camp and Shettar camp. With both the governor and opposition targetting him, he also started being targeted by the BJP top cops themselves.

He had to do something soon so that people stopped climbing on his back. So he quickly chose his closest pal (at that time) - you know literally speaking - the same guy whose smile blinded camerame…