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Will the Charm called Yeddy last anymore?

(image courtesy: recent supreme court judgement on the disqualification of rebel MLAs being null and void has not only given more teeth to the opposition parties that are already dissatisfied with the current government but has also given the rebel MLAs within BJP to press for a change in governance within the party.This has now also become a plank for personal vendetta against each other between JDS, Congress, the Governor and the chief minister. Though Yeddy has consistently come out of all troubles and hardships he faced as chief minister, the latest salvo seems a bit complicated and long drawn affair. Given that corruption is highest in Karnataka one would expect a revolt from the people. But surprisingly even in the by polls just conducted and concluded, the BJP has again emerged victorious especially due to the operation LOTUS which has been its successful weapon ever since it formed the government.The real problem with Yeddy is not about giving up …