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An open letter to Manmohan Singh on the budget 2011

Dear Mr. PM,
The whole country is feeling that the budget presented by you is a balanced budget for 2011. While one can't disagree, I strongly feel that this country lacks a visionary even among people like you who are economically sound. So lets just understand the basic issues plaguing the country at this point in time and whats the urgent need of the hour.

Rising prices and fiscal deficits - Either way you look at it, whether you increase fuel prices or whether you increase taxes the bottom line is that the products and services get costlier on the people availing them. This means that people shell out more from their earnings to increase revenue to the government. However as in the past no matter how many items and how many subsequent increases in taxes you propose, the country still lingers on with a fiscal deficit instead of a fiscal surplus. The true visionary therefore needs to bring the country into a surplus situation. While here the stock markets here are rejoicing on les…