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Aircel 3G launch and pricing, launched in chennai

It seems like Aircel is busy updating its website for the 3G launch before world cup cricket matches begin. As of today morning their website is completely down with the browser returning this message:

It would be interesting to see how Aircel places its tariff plans in competition to the already existing 3G services from Tata Docomo and Airtel.
UPDATE: Aircel 3G has been launched in chennai since yesterday and the first 250 MB for the next one week is FREE. However Aircel has not updated its website on the pricing yet. This means they are buying some time to first see how much load their servers take up and how 3G performs before stating the pricing. Bangalore still is waiting for this service though along with other circles.
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Insurance portability just around the corner, will it take off smoothly ?

For those who have just tasted the fruits of mobile number portability here is yet another sweet news. The IRDA, which is the ombudsman for insurance regulation just like the TRAI for telecom, has finally mooted the plan for health insurance portability.
In simple terms this means that you can port your health policy to another provider if you are dissatisfied with the current one. The crux of the matter was that until now you could not do such a thing without voiding the no-claim period spent with the earlier company. However with the portability announcement, by June we can switch to other health insurance providers retaining the benefits of the no-claim period, ideally thereby covering all excluded ailments of the first two years.
This is definitely a step ahead in the right direction for the IRDA. However the process is a bit more complicated than the MNP for TRAI. Already its not difficult to figure out that the insurance companies are a mafia by themselves. Lobby is a more decent …

Asus O!Play Air (HDR3) review

A friend of mine happened to recommend the ASUS O!Play Air media player to me and since the cost factor was tempting, I decided to buy it for myself. The need was to have the player play my media files over the wireless connection from an attached 2TB western digital hard drive and occassionally stream content from the internet - either videos or internet radio channels to be precise.
So did the Asus O!Play satisfy me? Read on! I ll make this review easier to comprehend by dividing it into crisp sections so you can read what interests you more about it.

Package & Cost

The O!Play Air is the third in the series of players Asus has released recently. The package itself is a compact one with the player, a HDMI cable, installation CDs for PC utilities and a rather chunky remote control. The power adaptor also had different country pin compatilibity. A manual accompanied the box and that's pretty much it. One has to also at this point note that Asus is primariliy a hardware oriented co…