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TRAI releases official information about MNP launch tomorrow - the stakes are high

Today's TOI carried a big notification from TRAI about the impending MNP (mobile number portability) launch tomorrow (20th jan, 2011). The terms of the offer are really attractive considering that a consumer spends only not more than Rs.19/- for the porting and about 2 hours disruption in service only during night time during porting.

Vodafone, Uninor and Idea are only offering MNP and downplaying the need for 3G services. They are saying that 2G network is good enough for now and the likes of such statements. This clearly shows that they have lost the edge over Aircel and Docomo who are raring to go in this field along with Airtel. However it is important to understand that if a consumer switches solely for the sake of 3G to another network and later realizes that the signal is not strong enough as his old network then he is likely to port back again.
So the game at stake is a combination of 3G, good voice network and mainly strong signal everywhere. Whatever it maybe, its celebrat…

the Olive Compacta - is it a masterpiece?

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you must by now know that I'm an avid gadget freak. I have reviewed many gadgets so far on this blog whenever I either had a chance to own them or use them. Here I am again this time with the review of a little beautiful gadget called the Olive Compacta - a single SIM GSM phone from Olive Telecom.

These are the days of complexity with too many smartphones in the market and the more features they provide, it also leads to poor battery life and an increased addiction to the apps provided on the platform. During times like these there is sometimes a craving to own something which has limited function and form, mainly the latter. You know the basic device that helps you do the basic thing - talking on the phone. Here is where the Olive Compacta steps in.

The last time I owned anything like this was the Panasonic A100 a compact little phone with soothing blue display. It was so small and easy to carry that people used to buy it for the form ra…