Thursday, January 28, 2010


India is finally getting competitive, and one can see it even in chips that we eat. These are the days of no-oil chips, those that are  baked instead of fried. Aliva crackers, Smart chips are some of the more famous ones who advertise like there’s no end on the idiot box. While aliva is only masala, Smart chipse could have been better called as masala-fied biscuits.

This is where I tried Hippo and I must say I am impressed. With the way they attract customers, their pricing, and needless to say their taste. With atleast 3-4 flavours the chips are something to get easily addicted to. Tangy tomato, Yoghurt and mint (the maharaja’s recipe), Italian pizza, chinese Manchurian and other varieties have been lined up by Hippo to tickle your taste buds.

One thing with these non fried chips is that they dont exactly feel like chips, but rather biscuit-ish. But then the taste is equally close and enjoyable too. What mattered to me most was the way in which they gel with IT techies who are workaholic and how they show they care for such people with proper food items.

So Hippo atleast try, will you grant Hippo a chance?

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