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From Saltaire to Bengaluru, muddling through all the mess

Agreed. There has been no posts for sometime on this blog. Well all I can say is I have been COMPLETELY (read that 100% utilization) stressed out. I barely have time even to breathe, or sleep, or even talk to anyone, leave alone blog. There are many complex things happening in my life at the moment and I expect the storm to blow over by another fortnight. The only silver lining to the cloud is that I was away from all the chaos of Namma Bengaluru to a place called Shipley (Saltaire). This is a world heritage site which houses the company I work for, in an industrial mill (Salts mill). It was summer in england and it was really cool. (how about 3 degrees to 10 degrees?)
Saltaire is a village west of Yorkshire and is a self contained locality with peaceful environs. I returned within a week to Bengaluru through an Air france flight. The flight by itself was graceful, but the airport had lots of surprises for me. No security checks on luggage, all staff resigned and joined BIAL. Two conve…

Celebrate the beginning of the Hindu new year - UGADI

Its time for ushering in the new year for the Hindus - Ugadi
Its time to forge new relationships, renew older ones and enjoy the new year ahead with new challenges ahead.
So here’s the bevu (neem leaves)

and here is the bella (jaggery)

(image courtesy :
and here is the significance of UGADI as told by B K Padma to
Wish you all a very happy UGADI readers!
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What the HAIL?

Bengaluru never ceases to amaze me for its weather patterns. I was just enjoying myself thinking that the incessant rains are over, and then this : What the HAIL ??
Bangalore just had yet another hailstone storm. Just look at those ice cubes, how big they are! Just wonderful arent they. I’ve always been wondering what causes these hailstorms during summer time when we think we least expect ice cubes falling off the sky. Its useful to quote here what exactly causes them:

Hail is formed in huge cumulonimbus clouds, commonly known as thunderheads. When the ground is heated during the day by the sun, the air close to the ground is heated as well. Hot air, being less dense and therefore lighter than cold air, rises and cools. As it cools, its capacity for holding moisture decreases. When the rising, warm air has cooled so much that it cannot retain all of its moisture, water vapor condenses, forming puffy-looking clouds. The condensing moisture releases heat of its own into the surrounding…

Enter multimedia, exit logitech

Yesterday I was a bit annoyed and frustrated with my office work and I was driving back home without any interest in reaching home as such. When I was at the Marathahalli junction, I remembered my discussion earlier in the day about a Canon Pixma All-in-one Printer that I was about to buy. Since Staples was just around the corner, and I had not investigated () the shop yet, I thought let me stop over and check out how I could burn down 10000 bucks as soon as possible.
I did manage to get car parking there and I entered the shop. I must say I was really feeling pleasant to find finally that our city did have a comprehensive stationary shop such as Staples. The items themselves were neatly arranged, with a lot of variety and there were atleast 3-4 salesmen to assist you with what you want, although I found that as being pushy with me.
I can go on and on with the way the items are arranged, the sheer number of items etc, but I prefer to just say here that you will surely not be feeling bad…