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Seasons greetings

Its time to bid adieu to the old year and usher in the new once more. Lets hope that in the next year all of this years losses are made good for, all the lessons learnt this year are practised more efficiently and that the new year 2009 generates the same joy and enthusiasm that the recession of 2008 has subdued; all once more again.

Wish you all my dear readers, a very happy and fun filled prosperous year 2009!

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NICE: the toll; threat; legal recourse; violence; and finally an eyewash!

So it all started off with NICE introducing a toll for their private BMIC-P perhipheral ring road south of Bengaluru. There was absolutely no intimation given to anyone among the citizens in anyway and drivers were caught unawares to pay money on that day. It would have still been fine, if not for the high toll collection which further raised the anger in people.Now these were the rates in comparison with those elsewhere in the country and also showing a map of the NICE road in Bengaluru and their different rates for different sections within Bengaluru.This obviously did not go so well with anyone in the city, though Ashok Kheny was stressing that he was going according to the law and rules signed with Deve Gowda who had then initiated this whole shit on himself. BJP obviously kept quiet, becuase it never was responsible for this mess. And to top it all Ashok Kheny said he had done this for the people! Ridiculous. So Mr.Kheny, did you atleast consult your Abhimanigala Sangha before yo…

Nokia 5800 shock pricing in India - is this really an Apple i-Phone killer?

The Nokia 5800 is now officially launched and the pricing has come as a shock to me. Before I dwell into the details, lets have a look at the phone itself and its features.

(Picture courtesy:

The main features of this one of a kind new nokia launch are:

Full touchscreen based input
Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
upto 16GB of storage
upto 3.6mbps of browsing speed
bluetooth and tv out functionality
GPS and WiFi
Full email support
3.2MP carl ziess camera + twin camera for video call recordings
FM radio and N-Series music player and music management

Click the PDF icon, to know the full specifications
Now for the shocking part - the PRICING. I prebooked this phone just for the dealer in Koramangala, to call me up when this would be available, and sure he did give me a call. He also gave me a shocker. He said this phone would cost 21,500/- bucks. All along all media had been suggesting a price of 16,000 to 18,000 bucks for this piece to make it a true APPLE i-Phone killer. Though the pri…

the Nilgiris consumer & cake exhibition - not enthusiastic

Today I got some time to go out with my cousin to see the Nilgiris Cake and Consumer exhibition. So I set off to St.Joseph's Indian high school to have a glimpse of the same. Twenty bucks for car parking, thirty for the entry fee and we were directly straight into the biggest cake exhibit of all - the buckingham palace. I think the behaviour of people managing the place was next to audacious. They were herding the crowds like pigs, and pushing them more and more further, announcing that the cake exhibits must not be photographed. I have one question to you organizers, pardon me for that - but - WHAT THE FUCK? This is free india, and you are not allowing me into some military base or Vidhan Soudha, its just for heaven's sake a cake exhibition and that too a hot furnace. So why must I then not take pictures of a cake? I am not eating the cake am I?Now this happens even at the airports where pictures are not allowed in India. May I ask why so? Are you flying stealth bombers in an…

TOI - Bad to worse, DH - Good to better!

Its strange how a newspaper tries to capture attention of its readers to convey simple news. Today I observed an article on a green initiative in Bengaluru city, which will enable more and more buildings achieve green certification and monetary incentives upon building more ecologically. The ministry is providing encouragement and support for conservation of natural resources.So what would one expect that will be the headline for such an article?'Ministry to encourage green initiatives' or 'Green initiatives launched in Bengaluru city' or 'Greener buildings to be the future of Benagluru city'? Ok, so I picked up Deccan Herald, which reported the news as given below (click for the entire story)Perfect. Just what everyone expects. To the point. Of late we do know many other newspapers shout more than they should just to get extra attention. So I took out one of my favourites on this list, the Times Of India and knew what to expect about this article there. See fo…

The Chevrolet Spark detailed review - pricing, engine, interiors and ride.

I had written a lengthy review about the new Kodak C1093 IS that I purchased recently. I got a chance to use it to review my friend's Chevrolet Spark car. I present to you the review and if you are a future owner of this car, then this review will help you decide on the car. I shall try and make this review as objective as possible and as specific as possible.


Looks of a car can be very subjective. However I do want the Aam Junta to come out of the notion of buying a car for its looks. Did you realize that what matters is the comfort the insides provide, the ease of driveability of the car and certain other considerations such as power, fuel efficiency and service costs. So if you ask me about the Spark honestly - I like its looks. Its cute, has a certain chubbiness that other small cars don't have, and this makes the car adorable. Its kind of bulged out at the center from bottom to top, but other than that I cannot exactly say that the shape is anywhere near aerodynamic i…

IDBI bank lowers interest rates

I have an ongoing loan with IDBI at 11% floating interest rate. Sometime two months ago, they sent me a letter home saying the interest rates have gone up and its now 12%. I had anticipated that they would resort to such a thing. But what no bank expected is the liquidity crunch that caused the current global recession. This has now brought down the prices of everything - groceries, fuel, automobiles, clothes, what not! Can the banks be left far behind? How long will private banks analyse the moves made by RBI & SBI? Is it not logical that it cant and wont be for long?! Precisely. I got another letter from IDBI who have now lowered the interest rate from the current 12% to 11.25% (somewhere near my original figure). And I would not be surprised if it does go down further all the way upto 10%. But that might take some time.For now its cheerful to get such a letter in difficult times. I keep my fingers crossed!Technorati : , , , , , , , ,

Banks can sieze your property if its value is lower than than the loan you have on it!

I found an interesting article in the DNA paper Bangalore edition today that says banks are liable to label you as defaulter if there is a situation that your property's current value falls below your loan outstanding amount. They are liable to ask you for more guarantee in terms of mortgages or for that matter sieze your house and put it up for auction. This is a thin line clause in the agreement you sign when you take the loan which we dont notice. More details from the paper given below!If you are yet to buy a house, you should rejoice. If you have borrowed to buy one, you shouldn't, and not only because the value of your investment is going down. Reason: Even if you have been assiduously paying your equated monthly installments (EMIs), your house is potentially under threat.Most home loan lenders put in a clause in the mortgage agreement which empowers them to seize the property or ask you to bring in extra collateral if house prices fall dramatically.If you are not able t…

Remembering "Subbu" - A legend of his era. [ 3.9.1920 - 7.12.2007 ]

Life has indeed been tough. Coping with the loss. The loss of my beloved grandpa. I miss the pat I gave on his back everytime I saw him. I miss his fond questions on my well being. I miss the blessings he used to shower on me for each of my achievements. A man of grit and determination, he used to really head the big family, much like a sarpanch for a village. One year has passed, time has passed quickly and many things have progressed further as though his existence or his non existence did not really matter.He had many children, grand children (like me) and even great grandchildren (like my son). He was the trunk of the large banyan tree that spread far and wide providing shade, and shelter and care to everyone under it. He yearned for all of his children to do well in life and be well settled too. While most of his sons would silently admire him, without speaking out much, I was surprised to get this email from my uncle (his youngest son) a while ago. In his own words he described …

Tulsi habba and Karthigai Deepam - back to festivities

It was about a year now that all festivities were stopped in our house due to the demise of my grandpa. But a year has passed and we celebrated Karthigai Deepam along with friends who celebrated the Tulsi Habba this time yet again.Simple, elegant beautiful lamps were lit all over our house and the illumination it provided made the house shine in a brilliance of its own. The mythological significance of the Karthigai festival goes thus:Mythological aspect of Karthigai FestivalLord Siva appeared as a huge flame of light before Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma (hindu gods), who each considered Himself supreme and said that the matter could be tested if the two could search for their Lord Siva`s Head and feet. Lord Vishnu took the form of a (varagar)boar and delved deep into the earth, Lord Brahma that of a (Annam)swan and flew into the top, Lord Vishnu failed in His search and returned. But Lord Brahma, chancing upon a piece of `thazhambu`, a flower learnt from it that it had been floating do…

The society collection exhibition national games village indoor stadium - an overview.

My wife was back from office early on Saturday (its been two decades since I believed others work on saturdays :) ) and asked me to come along to the Society collection exhibition in the indoor stadium at NGV. Her hopes of having a free entry was shortlived when the counter guys charged us 100 bucks to enter the place. Its advertised as india's biggest handicrafts exhibition, so you have to expect such nuisances as entry fees and the likes. I would like to call it Indias biggest exhibition in India's smallest enclosure :) Thats perhaps more fitting.The exhbition did have good amount of fashion fabrics, paintings, knicknacks, all ladies fashion accessories, bathroom items, wooden furtniture and antiques, a lot of jewelry, and some interesting stuff which I ll talk about later. For now here are some snaps of the placeThere were only two things that impressed me in this exhibition, one was the hose pipe that had innumerable amount of fittings with different threadings for fitting…

Sun DTH 499 plan - is it really a special offer or its an eyewash?

The advertisement in question that caught my eye is this: (source: TOI)I immediately jumped at the thought of having a SUN DTH at home by disposing the earlier hathway connection, considering I am getting this offer at just Rs.499/-. One look at the asterisk (*) next to it prompted me to go right down to the ad again, where I was expecting a Conditions Apply, which indeed was there too!I was further expecting they would ask me to sign up for atleast a year, but what I actually found was quite contrary to my expectations! Installation charges Rs. 1000 extra, + taxes (@ 12% of 499 bucks, which is almost another 50 bucks!So there you go Sun Direct DTH is yours now for "just" 499 + 1000 + 50 = Rs.1550/-. Sun, who do you think you are hoodwinking? We are smart for all this guys. Try something else more genuine. Like adding Worldspace might sound like a better bet now that Airtel is giving us that!Technorati : , , , , , , ,

Mobile DTH or Rain Water Harvesting

The recent spate of rains is attributed to North East monsoons and to cyclone Nisha (I wonder what's with the Indian people to nomenclate cyclones just as with USA, but it sure does sound really funny sometimes - cyclone Narakasura, cyclone Ravana, cyclone Anajaneya - it gets funnier the more I think of it!).The rains have only added to more gloom during the great recession of 2008 and the chilly weather has made it so dull to dampen spirits of attending office at all. The only gloom left is a pink slip with this kind of weather pattern :DI was driving rather slowly today to office thanks to an early start and empty roads what with schools delcaring a holiday in memory of late VP Singh (yes he died today after a prolonged cancer battle). I am dreading the last day of our own homegrown prime minister - Irrelevant people would block the entire Bengaluru traffic for days, and make us all walk all over the city just to make those memories worse.Having said that, near Hebbal flyover I …