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And god said let there be light! - The chinnaswamy stadium, Bangalore

Thursday, June 7, 2007

/ by Srikanth Eswaran

And Bajaj said, yes its done!!

Image credit Nicolas Mirguet (

Challenge: When the Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium in Bangalore approached Bajajfor floodlighting their cricket field, we were sure of being inside the winner’s circle. But the task ahead was tough, unlike the rest of the India stadia. The lighting had to overcome the huge canopies covering the stands. Canopies, that could cast a huge shadow over the area near the boundary line. For Bajaj, it meant critical aming of each floodlight, besides the raising of the towers to over 60 metres. And 100% victory.

Solution: With Bajaj on the job, the GE Ultra Sport Floodlights soon bathed the Indian Cricket Team in their glory as they effected one of their greatest victories over Pakistan in the ‘96 World Cup, and yet again when they comprehensively beat Australia in the Titan Cup. Needless to say, every such victory is a victory for Bajaj Engineering and Projects BU too.

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