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Namma Angreji (Our English)

They say language must not be a barrier for communication. Most times we have even reached a situation where we have communicated with only our hands and dumb mouth while in other countries where english is not spoken. Today you come inside Bangalore and most people you got to for business speak many languages ranging from hindi, to kannada, to malayalam, to tamil.

And who says Bangalore doesnt have a concern for the environment? In fact every lorry driver too cares for the environment, what better example than this message to keep the city Poluiteion free ... oops... pardon my spellings, I'm getting carried away these days.

I have heard of even better dialogues than this one!

- Open the window, let the atmosphere come in
- I need leave today, my headache is aching
- Both the three of you stand up
- Last bench please stand up

It does tickle the funny bone more often than not !! But I take pride in the fact that everyone tries to communicate in english much to the convenience of visitors …

Sunset @ KR Puram Hanging bridge

The quality of these snaps arent the best, but I did manage to catch the KR puram hanging bridge just before sunset. This is perhaps one of the engineering marvels in Bangaore, and at the same time a waste of public money.

From THE HINDU, more details on the bridge! These images are taken with my mobile camera at long distance hence the bad quality !

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The advent of geeksrik's blog

Alright alright. Before you scratch your head about this post lemme clear it up a bit. For a long time I had always thought that my blog was a mix of things. Well thats how Bangalore life is as well, so I dont see a reason to blog about the various aspects. In this melee what happened is that blogging about my favourite corporate articles took a back seat for a while.

Which is when I decided its time to reinvent the wheel again. And bring about a more focussed blog with matters close to my heart! And for a start I've made that happen at the blog of Geeksrik . As for the contents, its best you check out for yourself. I've tried to keep it simple and straightforward and in depth too.

More things are on the way w.r.t to my web career (as I call it). With atleast 10-15 minutes allotted to thinking a lot, it helps me get newer perspectives in life as I go on with work. You will see more and more updates from me on my pages soon.

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Lalbagh flower show - awesome, messy and crowded!

I had the opportunity to visit Lalbagh and a chance to photograph the flower show. This show was conducted on the occassion of 60th year of Indian Independence. I met up with my friend who brought his Canon DSLR EOS 300D, while I went in with my trusted Olympus C770UZ 10x Optical zoom camera. Though not to the leagues of DSLRs, my olympus did a great job with DOF effects and Macro photography. The colour reproduction was extremely natural as well. Luckily I went one week earlier. Had I gone on 15th August, on the Independence Day, I would have got stuck up in a big mess of swelling traffic and crowds! Have a look and enjoy the snaps. If you like them, click on menu within the slideshow and leave me ratings and comments :)

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Vitiligo and you - Part 2

Continuing where I left off at Part-I of this article, it would be important to understand how vitiligo mentally affects our daily lives. The best way to discuss about it then would be to logically divide our lives in stages and see what sort of challenges vitiligo poses at each such stage. The article also presents ways of dealing with this problem at different stages.

Infancy stage : It is not clear if vitiligo can be present in an infant. This is hugely possible perhaps only due to heredetical reasons. If the problem does occur, as an infant the kid itself is in a stage where it cannot understand the problem and understand others’ reactions to this problem. Grooming such kids as they grow older to grow with a better understanding of this problem is a very important step for the parents at this stage. There is no way in which parents can afford to be grief stricken over the occurance of this problem on their kids. Take it with your stride, enlist way to start combatting the prevalent…

America - ready for christmas gifts yet?

The holiday season is just a few months away! First Halloween, thenThanksgiving, and before you know it, you'll be stuffing stockings!Don't worry, CouponChief is here for you. Make a wishlist of your household family members and think of themost amazing gift you would buy for them, if you could. Don't forgetthe pets!

Check out the amazing deals here: Best Buy and Amazon . Do more online shopping here!

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No Parking? What does that mean?

As usual, scores of autowallahs are adamant in flouting rules in the city. The police cares a damn on this behaviour and I pity to only think they need some tips in coming up in life. But coming to think of it in their perspective, they are prohibited to park in any place where potential customers are available, so what would the resort to? Like for example the HOSMAT hospital in the photo below!

While prepaid auto stands are a good addition to the city, this has only mounted pressure on the auto wallahs to try new tricks to work around that constraint. And they give reasons like traffic jam, water logging, and latest even that metro rail construction is going on - all to fleece you even more than ever. I sincerely wish the government provides subsidies to auto wallahs to buy Reva cars and make the city more silent please! The noise from autos alone is staggering enough to make you deaf in a short while.

Education is of prime importance and just like farmers became educated after turnin…

Portable Scanner: Scanshell 2000N is the ideal A4 color scanner

The ScanShell 2000N (2000NR) portable document scanner is the ideal A4 colorscanner for the busy professionals and executives. This lightweight andconvenient scanner is powered using only the USB 2.0 port. TheScanShell 2000N (2000NR)is conveniently carried along with a laptop andrequires a minimal footprint on the desktop.

The ScanShell 2000N (2000NR) portable scanneris a lightweight(14oz/390g) mobile scanner that requires no external power adapter. ItsUSB 2.0 port connection feature allows for a fast and easy one-cablehook up to your notebook or desktop PC and the unique "launch" buttonstarts your imaging application instantly.

Bundled software
DocShell is an easy to use utility that scan documents and exportthe scanned image into existing, pre-installed application on theuser's pc (PDF,Microsoft paint etc.). The scanned document can be savedto one of the following image types: BMP, JPG, TIF, PSD, PCX, PNG orTGA.
Scan2Contacts our business-card scanning module for MS Outloo…

Maini provides buggy at Lalbagh

The Maini group, more famous and synonymous with the name Reva Electric Car, has provided an electric buggy to the people who manage Lalbagh gardens in Bangalore for taking visitors on a trip around the place. The driver who doubles up as a guide shows you around the place and explains the significance of the gardens as he goes by. If you are not in a mood to walk, and you want to visit the gardens on the move, this buggy is the most suitable for you :)

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Vitiligo and you - Part 1

This blog entry is particularly provided to help people understand the problem of vitiligo or leucoderma and deal with both the physica and social impact it causes in one's life. Vitiligo or Leucoderma is in layman's terms the appearances of white patches on the skin of the individual. Both terms mean the same thing, and in a more technical perspective, your skin has cells called melanocytes which produce a colouration called melanin. When these cells lose the ability to produce the colour, pigmentation occurs causing white patches. There are three types of Vitiligo, one which is minimal and only on some parts of the body, one which is lateral which occurs either on the front or back side of the body and one which is total, ie., the pathces are many and sporadic all over the body from head to foot.

The most immediate impact is a social stigma caused by this problem becuase of which we feel inferior to move around with normal looking people. This behaviour stems from the concern…

The year you were born … (Part Two)

Starting again from where I left off in Part-1 of this article, 1999 was my turn to be churned out as an engineer. Except that it wasn’t exactly a budding engineer! Of the 20 companies due to intense competition, I could get in to a firm only at the fag end and the firm was into Y2K maintenance work and not much to my liking as well. And they deferred my appointment by six months to add fuel to the fire. So then began the hard search for a job where me and my friend (who was not so lucky to even have these 20 companies, but only 2) roamed the famous streets of Bangalore literally flooding our resumes to whichever company we bumped into on the way.

One day very early in the morning, I heard a loud knock on my door and it was the same friend of mine who I had gone out with earlier, who shook me and woke me up.  There was a walk-in interview schedule in Wipro, one of the top companies in Bangalore. I was nowhere near prepared with anything to take this up, but still my friend thought I sh…

S for Swift Succession!

Got this succession of the swift in my office parking lot, looked so appealing and beautiful. For more information, Maruti has sold an estimated 1,50,000 Swift cars since its inception which is a record in itself. It has spacious interiors, decent gear shift and ride quality and good power with both the 1.3 petrol and 1.3 DDiS diesel engine from FIAT.

It is notable that Maruti has provided space enough to fit upto 17 incher tyres which makes it a great car to start modding! This car alone has generated so much appeal that thousands of customers have modified the swift to have better alloys, cool tyres, sun roofs, door graphics, lights, ICE systems and so on.

Payperpost - A unique opportunity to earn with your reviewing/posting skills

For the past two years I was blogging very personally. It was only this year that I decided to go public with my thoughts to write. It was due to this step that I got introduced to PayPerPost, a unique website that leverages these skills of mine and enables me to review the links the provide. So without wasting much time, I ll go straight to the point of reviewing their site.

For beginners, the site main menu is well organized on top of the page, and gives you links to go to various sections where you can easily get conversant with how to set up your account, your dashboard, your PPP tools and also check on your posts. A very simple, uncluttered menu design in my opinion.

The dashboard has among other things your earnings, a simple button menu with various settings on your account and a box showing opportunities available for you to take up. It also has advert spots showing what are the opportunities available in a more pictorial form so that you can relate to it. Also below to encourag…

The year you were born ... (Part One)

The year you were born has been one of the greatest differentiator between you and your peers in the industry today. though the software industry had its modest beginnings around 1980 with microsoft being in the lead, it was the inception of Infosys in India around 1991 that really set the pace for India Inc to take shape. The engineering batches prior to 1993 were that of yearly courses. It was only from 1993 that Bangalore University adopted the semester scheme which made it easy for the students to finish off with a crisp set of topics for every semester and completing their degree in eight semesters. During these days both students and the software industry were more or less evolving with the same pace in Bangalore. I say Bangalore, becuase this is where the growth story had its start!

I was particularly lucky to have atleast three levels of heirarchical seniors in my academic domain. While the first batch of semester students of 1993 did have a pretty tough time getting the ball r…

The Gyaan begins here ...

You must be wondering what is happening on my blog lately. Well I have decided to blog more and blog more usefully. Having said that the one thing I have always wanted to write about was the different aspects of being in the Indian software industry. There are lots of things that can be written about India Inc, and how people graduating out of Indian educational institutions manage to fare under India Inc. So without being to hasty, I will introduce a set of articles that aim to understand these situations and help people deal with it in a better way. I hope that through these articles you will be able to gain the ability to deal with situations better in life.

The new honda Accord tail light design - just awesome

I ve always wanted to capture the new India Honda Accord's Tail lights in action. Today I got a chance to do so. And boy oh boy, arent they really awesome! They are three rows of sweet little LED lamps perhaps, which give an awe inspiring road presence for the magnificient accord. It looks much much better than the older accord (which also nevertheless was a head turner). Design philisophy must be in the blood and it shows in the case of this honda. I cant wait to imagine how the facelifted honda city will look like in December this year. And the completely new honda city that is going to light up a thousand hearts coming june next year!

Flexitron LED lanterns - flexible, saves power, money and lots of headache!

The latest rage in India are LED lights of various fashions, be it small torches, lanterns, garden lamps or even lamps that fit into the common bulb holder socket found at homes! These come in different wattages starting from 1W upto 3W or more and save you thousands of rupees in precious money when used in place of conventional lamps.

One such company making LED lanterns is Flexitron and I came to know about this company through some business contacts. I happened to buy a 1W LED lantern that has two LEDs facing each other, one from top, and one from below. The lantern costs Rs.900 upwards and comes with a charger similar to that of your mobile, which shows a red indication when charging and a green when done. Each charge of the battery can run this lantern more than 14-15 hours and the charge also lasts upto more than 10-12 days which makes it very very handy for homes in India where there are frequent power cuts.

The light released by this lamp is strictly not phenomenal, but it can …

Reva-i, expensive, but eco friendly, easy on your pocket and easy to drive too!

With the launch of the new Reva-i version of the already famous electric car reva, the Maini group seems to be going in the right direction with its $20mn second round funding recently received.

The new vehicle is pleasing to look at much like the old one and is priced between 3.49 to 4.04 lakhs INR. Since there is no road tax for this car, one can pretty much assume this would be the on road price as well or atleast near these prices.

For the same price, you get more bang for your buck. Technological innovations are the key to this car design and it seems to be future proof as well. Some obvious changes include inclusion of a defogger which is a boon in city rains, alloy wheels (atleast the picture shows so), improved torque (upto 40%) which translates to lesser stress on driving, a maximum speed of 80kmph as compared to a sluggish 60kmph, and the best part of all, a maximum mileage of 80-100km per charge as compared to an earlier 60-80km. the increase in the mileage of about 20km is d…

7/2007 - a coincidence? well maybe yes!

Caught this reading on my car, and it matched the current year and month. What a coincidence! The best part I like about the Maruti Suzuki Swift console are the fonts used in the tachometer, speedometer and fuel guages. The indicators for brakes, oil, seat belts, doors, and headlamps are so nice and cute. The orange backlighting definitely soothens your mood after many a dreary day at office.

The jayanagar shopping complex - a world of its own, shoppers paradise!

I had a chance to visit the jayanagar shopping complex in Bangalore, for some purchases for a family function, after a long long time. I must say that the market and shopping complex is a world of its own. With so much in store inside, a shopper cannot possibly go home empty handed out of this place.

The ground floor of the complex is a place with thousands of shops huddled close to each other selling many things from footwear, clothes, birthday party items, coconuts, vegetables, flowers, perfurmes, powders, vermon, garlands, spices, toys and household goods among other things.
There were shops that were also specializing in selling photo grames, idols of gods and goddesses, plaintain leaves, flavoured mint and mouth fresheners as well. The jayanagar fish market was a place which I could smell to find where it was, and it offered a variety of fish, prawns, eggs, and other sea food.

This market can be compared to any other flea market worldwide and the prices are down to earth and enable…

Macro mode ganesha carving on a gold ring - awesome!

Shown below is a macro mode photograph that I took with my Olympus C770 UZ camera. In the macro focus is a golden ring, with a neatly carved out Lord Ganesha. The nice little piece of jewellery sits with a nokia phone in the background. The intricate amount of work on this ring is awesome and I like this ring the most among my collection.

Beautiful hands that adorn the famed mehndi

Its a gala occassion at our home, and what better way to celebrate the same than to adorn the beautiful hands with the famed mehndi patterns.

At Rs.50 per hand ( < $1.25), doesnt this creation look awesome? :) Now this is one hand that is waiting for all appreciation to be showered on it.

Sivaji - the BOSS, listen and enjoy!

Rathi Thee Thee - [audio:]

Balleilakka Balleilakka - [audio:]

Oru Koodai Sunlight - [audio:]

Sahaara - [audio:]

Vaji Vaji Vaji - [audio:]

Bangalore goes Hi-Tech with VCD COUCH!!

Spotted this VCD Couch product in bangalore a few days back!!

way to go hi-tech city - silicon valley of india!

My new ozone blue Swift Diesel VDi !!

I finally got my swift diesel Vdi on Saturday and had a long time wish fulfilled by the almighty himself and yes to some extent maruti udyog too. The last time on this blog, i had written a review of the swift diesel, but this time it was mine and only mine to enjoy thoroughly!! Here are a few cool snaps of the automobile, waiting for the customary puja at the ganesh temple near my home!

If you want a big size image, just click on any of these small ones!
This colour is so pleasant to my eye, that it soothes me down completely after a stressful day at work! The torque in this machine is amazing and the fuel efficiency is going to leave you speechless! With upgraded michelin tyres and alloys, this is a joy to drive around. absolutely great!

And god said let there be light! - The chinnaswamy stadium, Bangalore

And Bajaj said, yes its done!!

Image credit Nicolas Mirguet (

Challenge: When the Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium in Bangalore approached Bajajfor floodlighting their cricket field, we were sure of being inside the winner’s circle. But the task ahead was tough, unlike the rest of the India stadia. The lighting had to overcome the huge canopies covering the stands. Canopies, that could cast a huge shadow over the area near the boundary line. For Bajaj, it meant critical aming of each floodlight, besides the raising of the towers to over 60 metres. And 100% victory.

Solution: With Bajaj on the job, the GE Ultra Sport Floodlights soon bathed the Indian Cricket Team in their glory as they effected one of their greatest victories over Pakistan in the ‘96 World Cup, and yet again when they comprehensively beat Australia in the Titan Cup. Needless to say, every such victory is a victory for Bajaj Engineering and Projects BU too.

Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain, Raj Bhavan Road, Bangalore

Today I had a chance to finally splurge on some real good low light night time photography at the Indira Gandhi musical fountain.

Image copyright :,
The photos did come out well, but the fountain itself sponsored by the Indian Railways, was too basic, and the effects and lighting repeated many times. For a half an hour show and a Rs.10 ticket fee, this is more than one can ask for to spend a cool summer evening away from the din of traffic.

Decon in Bangalore

Deconstructivism in architecture, also called deconstruction, is a development of postmodern architecture
that began in the late 1980s. It is characterized by ideas of
fragmentation, an interest in manipulating ideas of a structure’s
surface or skin, non-rectilinear shapes which serve to distort and dislocate some of the elements of architecture, such as structure and envelope.
The finished visual appearance of buildings that exhibit the many
deconstructivist “styles” is characterised by a stimulating
unpredictability and a controlled chaos.

One such of these buildings (though where the decon element is only on the elevation rather than the whole building itself) is on St.Marks Road. It looks like an upcoming mall or something, and pretty unique in itself

Original image credit : Addision Godel (

For more on decon, have a look here

Sunlight Copper Swift - a great looking car !!

Now that i ve booked a sunlight copper Sx4 and am eagerly waiting for it to come through, i happened to chance on this sunlight copper swift (yes this and the arctic white are new colours on the same old swift, which give it a totally new found love from all owners!) at a local showroom. Absolutely awesome !! Looks like the colour of the year and the new season.

Image credits:

Wither the urgency in life ?

A new car is a new car !! so much so that one tends to drive it even before proper registration has been done !! wonder where they want to go so fast in life ?

White elephant - the Audi Q7 3.0 TDi Quattro

Was on a real adrenalin rush drive towards office when i spotted this beauty ahead of me. Its so huge that it makes a Maruti 800 like mine feel like a hedgehog going behind and elephant. and what an elephant it was the new Audi Q7 3.0 TDi Quattro

Image credit :

A truly magnificient one too ! with high seating ultimate interiors and sheer power of 3000cc, and with a CRDi diesel engine that churns out a whopping 233bhp, its a dream machine anyone would want to drive along!!

Its coming to get you on May 4th !!

Surprise Surprise,

Get ready to be thrilled on May 4th, the Sx4 is coming to get you !!

Time for firefighting !

Its always important to know what you can do to help when there is a fire at your workplace or home, but do you know how many types of extinguishers are there and what sort of materials they use it for? There are water based ones, CO2 based ones, available, and this training at our office only helped us get a first hand view of how to use these extinguishers! Though it was a mock drill, it also helped the fire department understand how casually people respond to fire. So the next time you hear and alarm, get out of the building immediately, fire or not!

Also the security personnel displayed a pump hose which could throw water at unimaginable heights upto 4-5 floors of the building, I must say it was really impressive!!

Faithful friend

Its become the rule these days that people follow to take their friends out. oh yeah, and by friends i meant our dogs! Its so refreshing to find dogs enjoying the ride as much as us! Wish I had a dog at home, but my mom just said either its me or the dog !!

You are lucky doggie, enjoy your ride :) !

Sunset @ Hebbal flyover

Its been my earnest endeavour to capture the sunset at hebbal flyover during this summer. As i zip past from my office at over 100kmph in my little tin car, I slowed down briefly to enjoy a warm summer sunset over the hebbal flyover!

GM launches chevrolet spark at 3.09 to 3.89 lacs ex-sh delhi

General motors finally launched their small car (the lovely old matiz) Chevy Spark yesterday between 3.09 and 3.89 lacs ex-showroom delhi. however the south indians have to wait for almost three months even for a test drive as the production capacity will increase slowly and phased launches will take place in all regions. GM expects to sell 7000 units of the spark per month and at this juicy price, one doesnt have any doubts they will achieve their sales figure.

What is disturbing though is that the sales of UVA might completely go down to zero due to its high cost of ownership. Time will tell what happens in the GM circles! For now add a spark in your life! For more see

2005 rare 2-rupee indian coin

Went on a walk to a medical store when the store guy returned the change which contained this, a vintage 2 rupee coin!

Renault Logan Diesel 1.5 DCI, test driven

Original photo credit :

Today I got a call from Vijai Auto Sales in the afternoon for a test
drive of the logan from renault. was a pleasant surprise them calling
people registered with them earlier for a TD, that too on a sunday
afternoon. Since that was the only car left out by me without a TD, me
and my father decided to check it out. We reached the showroom, and a
lady there prompty started off her blabbering about the car in full
tempo. Meanwhile I dediced to check out the car first hand both hands
off and hands on, and here is my report!

I saw and drove a 1.5 diesel DLS (the highest end model) with airbags but no ABS!

Hands off:

1. Looks big, and roomy, colours are boring renault couldve done better.

2. Dashboard is clean and uncluttered, rather straightforward design

3. Renault perhaps would be paying their workers Rs.10000/- per month i
guess even in france, hence the severe cost cutting on the car itself -
the power wi…

Kempegowda Tower - new and old

Credits for photo :

Original photo and article can be found here:
The new kempegowda watch tower at hudson circle pretty much resembles the old one at lalbagh as amongst the other four towers in bangalore as well. For more history on the founder of bangalore Kempegowda, and information on these towers, look here

Volvo - an enriching experience!

Finally today i got an opportunity to test out the volvo journey all the way from Koramangala, upto Yelahanka, totally involving two volvo buses, one upto city centre and another upto the final destination. At a total price of about Rs.110 per head, it worked out to about Rs.220 both ways for two of us, which is way cheaper than an auto to the same 60km distance. With volvos on each route roughly 15 mins apart, it wasnt difficult to get a volvo soon enough. I must also say that compared to an auto, this is a swedish bus, with ultra refined suspension, and airconditioning to beat the searing heat of the day.

The seats are quite plush, much like buses in western countries, and there were many other welcome additions as well, such as a plasma TV (!!) and a camera at the doors, hydraulically operated doors, with a separate mini screen for the driver, and electronically printed tickets. For the money its truly value to use this bus. So much so that I even used my laptop for the entire journ…

Chevrolet UVA 1.2 LS test driven

Well well well, what more can i ask for? A HATRICK for today! i some
how managed to squeeze in a test drive of the aveo UVA 1.4 LS today at
Sundaram motors, Kasturba road. The friendly neighbour hood salesman
was ever ready to offer me a test drive. The test drive car had done
2000+ kms which means to say test drive cars are not sold to us
unknowing customers! hurray chevy, you scored on that one! i went to my
wife’s office to pick her up and on my way back since other work was
over, and i had time to kill, asked the guy whether i could come for a
test drive today itself instead of tomorrow and he told me to come
there immediately. what more could i ask for? took my wife and landed
at the chevy showroom to drool at the UVA.

when i write reviews, i want to make it as unrelated as possible to any
other car and i see each new car in its own natural perspective and
enjoy it before making comparisions. Enough of talk now, to the
features: The one i saw was a 1.2 LT and the one i drove a 1.2 LS, only

Suzuki Swift VDi DDiS review

After having car dreams all night long yesterday after 3 test drives, i
wanted to go back to the tata showroom to show my wife the palio (since
it was cheaper than the rest I had test driven). I had bought my
earlier maruti 800 at bimal motors indiranagar. Just before I left i
called bimal on whether i can have a test drive of the swift diesel VDi
and they said i can. so i changed my mind and took my wife along. On
the way i stopped over to the getz showroom and she had a look at
santro and getz that i had test driven earlier yesterday. since the
executive was taking too much time, i told him i ll be back and i went
ahead to bimal.

Knowing the showroom well, the moment I went in, i was offered a test
drive and the keys to the VDi were in my hand. It was an ozone blue
colour car, pretty nice looking and a unique colour in the market as of
today. Put my wife in the back seat, executive in the left seat in
front, ane me on the driver seat! Jet Set Go!

Started car. No noise. Super silent. Cross checked …