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  1. Sheela

    I am one of the allottees for Suryanagar II Phase. There is a condition in the letter that the site cannot be sold for 10 years . Is that true ?

    If we take loan for the site, i heard the banks ask us to build house within 2 years ? Is that correct ?

    Could someone advise ? Thanks.


    1. >>>There is a condition in the letter that the site cannot be sold for 10 years . Is that true ?
      If we take loan for the site, i heard the banks ask us to build house within 2 years ? Is that correct ?
      This is correct, but you can go for Property loan instead of Housing loan. Interest might be 11%. You can contact SBM or Canara bank Finance.
      Best of luck.

      1. Sheela

        Thank you Mahesh. Is it good to take loan from nationalised bank only ? why is it so ?

        Also, do we have to visit the site before accepting the allotment ? Is there an option to get the site changed to any other site , in case we want a better located site ?

        Let me know please. thanks.

      1. nmjadi

        Hi I am Narendra. I am trying to Register khbsuryanagar.com, but not happening.
        please help me out.


  2. laxnakg

    hi …i am not an allotte for KHB suryanagar phase2. As per the news, KHB is going to do a 1 more round of lottery for un allotted application in March 2011 . what are the chances it will happen ? Can i keep some hopes on this lottery ? with drawing the initial deposit at this point of time make sense ? Please share you opinion and comments !!! thanks in advance …..

    1. Definitely site will be allotted to you on March end/April. Because they had acquired 450 acres of land extra and they don’t call new application till all eligible applicant get the sites. This was announced several times in first allotment venue in RT nagar. So, please have the hope.

    2. Hi Friends,

      I had applied for the KHB Phase-I stray apartments in feb 2010, the lottery draw for which had happened in Aug 2010 , unfortunately I did not get allocated and had applied for refund . It has been more than 5 months I have not received my initial deposit yet.

      Please suggest me to whom can I escalate this issue to get my money back.


    3. kousthuban

      there was a notification in times of india dated 15 feb 2011 mentioning about the 2nd draw for the eligible list of candidates… exact date of draw is not mentioned.. any news on that?

  3. jpdk

    hi Everybody,
    I am Customer Relation Associate (CRA) of LICHFL (LIC housing Finance Ltd). For KHB Housing loans , u can contact me on 94814 56314, 78990 43449.

  4. i have Ews site allotted.documents submtted over.(required),but still its is not conformed.when it is come another confirm letter and bank paying amount how?still over one year,when its confirm

  5. khbsurya

    Hi, freiends , I have paid full installment in one shot for KHB surayanagar 2 nd phase, when can get registration

  6. KHB authorities are enjoying our money with out interest with our alloting as they told it will happen on march now may has come what bleady buggers are doing? Simply punch n, lunch in punch out.. thts govt job more over we have great idot ministers for our State andMr.CM dont hae knowledge of Finance he holds finance portfolio he knows to give to matas only.

  7. Hi All,

              I am tarun. I had applied for LIG in Suryanagar phase 2. I was not alloted during first lottery which happend sometime during novemeber last year. When i see the Application status in KHB website, It says “ELIGIBLE”. For those people who got site during November lottery, even their status is shown as “ELIGIBLE”.. How can i get to know the status of whether site is allotted for me or not?

    Any thoughts on this would be very helpful and appreciated..   Thanks.

  8. Bangaloreadmirer

    Hello sir
    Please excuse me if my question is silly.I would like to know if its a good deal to buy the property from KHB. I had visited the Suryanagar Phase-1.The roads were horrible in the interior layout.There is still lot of work pending

    1. You cannot buy property from Khb. Only the government can allot you one if you are lucky. And for road development you must give time to the government.

  9. Vincent L

    sir, i have been alloted site in mig SN-2, went to khb site office in suryanagar ph 1 and gave the doc as req letter, photos, id-addrss proof, original bank challans etc. The offical collected and gave me an ack in the photo copy of my request letter. Then he took out a computer printed book of names of people and searched out my name and said your file has not arrived. what is next  thing i should do ? Will anybody inform me that when file comes ?  if file comes and i don’t come to know and will my registration face any problem ?  Is there any time limit for registration ?  pls reply

  10. Hi, i am looking for purchase of plot/site 30X40 or 40X60 either MIG or HIG.
    Working for S/w company. Am I eligible and can I get Loan for buying.
    Can I approach any official directly to get or the allocation is by lottery/number of attempts?

    Prabhudev Mathapati

  11. Hi guys,

    I am new to this group. After the announcement of few of the remaining plots/houses in suryanagar phase 2 recently, I planned to buy one. I have bought an application form from axis bank. I visited  cauveri bhavan to find out what all documents are to be submitted along with the application and learnt that we have to give a domicile certificate. I live in south bangalore. I visited nemmadi kendra near banashankari and they directed me to some “shop ” where we could get the affidavit made for DC. Can someone please guide me as to how to go about applying for the same. I happened to go thru a tough time trying to enquire things at KHb office as each one asked me different documents. The agents there asked me 800Rs to get things done within a day but not sure how would they do it when tahsildar’s signature from respective areas are required. Anyway, I am a little lost . Help please.


    1. Hi,

      Could you please help me with my query on DD submission which i have posted on  khbsuryanagar.com under the section . “discuusion on affidavit format”? Basically my doubt is , should i be providing a single DD with initial deposit and registartion fee of Rs 1000 or two different DDs’ (one with registartion fee and one with initial deposit amount) while submitting my application?


        1. The DDs’ I am talking about are the ones which we have to give while submitting the application for KHB house. I hope you have got me right. Confirming as you have mentioned about stamp duty. by registration I mean, the Rs 1000 one where we register ourselves for applying for houses and not the registration of houses/plots. 

          Appreciate your patience


  12. shailu0979

    I had been alloted a flat under LIG scheme at Suryanagar but I have refunded the amount dut lack of money.so, can I go again for the same flat with same registration or it has been alloted to someone else.plz suggest me……..

  13. Can anyone transfer their site alloted in surya nagar II to person who has not applied. How long the site cannot be sold??  Can anyone join the existing allotee and share the site? l let me know.
    When will be the next KHB applications called for?

  14. tsmurthy

    I T Sreenivasamurthy has been allotted  HIG site at Suryanagar  phase-ii and I have paid the full amount, not opted installment payment.  I visited the khb office at suryanagar and submitted the documents as required in the month of june  for conditional sale deed  but till date no response from khb.  I would like to know as to when I will get the conditional sale deed?  Further I find at  the time of applying for the plot that 1% discount  will be allowed on the cost those who remit the full amount upon allotment.  Since I paid in one installment the entire amount  will I get the refund?

    T Sreenivasamurthy

    1. Sreeni,

      I think you will have to wait until they officially announce the provision of documents. with government offices things are always delayed. they will surely give it to you. the discount part you can directly talk to officials at KHB by physically going there to meet them.

  15. Hai, I am Jayaprakash  from  LIC Housing Finance Ltd ( Customer Relations): for Housing / home Loan enquirers you can contact me on 94814 56314, 78990 43449.and mail me on   jdk262@ gmail.com.

  16. ashwini123

    1. Is it possible to transfer site from myname to my brother name?
    2. Is is possbile to transfer site to my name from mother name

      1. ashwini123

        Hello sir, I have two queries,
        1.could please explain about direct dependents.  M working as software engineer and m planning to buy site for my mother name and later some time(within 10 year) i would like to transfer it to my name.. is it possible?

        2. During the application for house/site, do we need to submit any other docs other than DD

        Please resolve my queries. thanks in advance

        1. You can buy in mothers name. But you cannot transfer until ten years. Well actually since its from mother to kid it becomes a simple transfer and not a normal sale. There would be some nominal registration amount. That’s it.
          ID and address proof. Domicile certificate. And a letter perhaps that you don’t own any other property in town.

          1. ashwini123

            Thank u so much sir, Currently m not in india. is it possible,my brother can apply in my name?
            and where we will get this one “a letter perhaps that you don’t own any other property in town.”

          2. yes that must be possible. but to sign on loan papers, brother cannot do that. you have to come yourself. you can get an affidavit from notary that you do not have any other property in your name. or some declaration given by khb themselves.

          3. ashwini123

            Thank a lot a sir for valuable information.. Few more queries.
            1.  Loan papers are required only after the allotment right?
            2.  For affidavit we  need to get it from sepearte paper or we hav to fill in KHB application itslef, whatever we get from KHB application?
            3.  Domicile certificate where we can these certificate, if there any specific format which we need to follow or it is ok with standard format..

          4. 1. Yes. Only in case you are allotted.
            2. Depends on whether Khb has a predetermined format or not. Better to ask them whether this is first of all necessary at all. 3. Any notary must be able to provide. You can also attach proofs showing you are a bangalorean.

          5. ashwini123

            one again thanks, Sir i heard that there are no documents required while submitting application. only id and address proof required. since my fnrd applied last time with only id and address proof. please tel me about you openion on this

          6. if you are scheduled caste then a certificate will help in category based allotment. otherwise everyone else comes in general quota (other than sports, defence etc)

        1. Earlier Khb construction was questionable. Though it won’t be so bad now, atleast it would be slightly better. Atleast will last 20yrs probably. Facilities will be good.
          Parks, bus stands, lighting will be quite good.

          1. ashwini123

            Thanks you sir,, i have applied for LIG house.. hoping for the best. hope it will get alloted withing a year,..

  17. rudragoudm


    Applied for HIG houses in 2010, with initial deposit. During the first lottery they told us it will be done in the month of March or April 2011. But there is no information regarding this issue from the board. So kindly can you provide information on this.

    with regards


  18. rudragoudm

    Hello friend

    When they are going to allot HIG houses. Applied in 2010 with initial deposit. They told us it will be in 2011 March or April, still there is no information. So kindly provide some information on this.

    With regards 

  19. jr19691973

    Hi sir, This is Jayaprakash I had applied for surya nagar II stage but I did not get the site through allotment, and I have not taken my money back expecting I will get some time during august which I came to know from one of you official who works on KHB now 2 months passed no news of new allotment, How long should I wait. Pease give me the solution

  20. Manikrao Eknath Gajare

    Sir, I got allotment of MIG house on 4th Nov 2011, but still i didnt get the allotment letter. When is the appr. date when we get the allotment letter from KHB

  21. Sangamanath P

    Dear Sir,

    Hi sir, This is Sangamanath here I had applied for surya nagar II stage 0n March 2010  but I
    did not get the site through allotment, and I have not taken my money
    back few months ago i was visited KHB office and i inquired but i dint get correct information, still  i have to wait or shall i withdraw my money back How i request you to kindly help me


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    1. kiran kumar

      registration will be done at bannergatta sub-register office so pls contact the office at suryanagar collect the documents from them and then go fwd for registration

  22. J C Sharma

    I have been allotted a site inSuryanagar 2nd Phase and paid the money.How to get it registered now?Prem Lata Sharma,

  23. J C Sharma


  24. 73kirananu78aditya05

    Hi All,
    Have come to understand that KHB has acquired an additional 450 acres of land in its expansion plans for Suryanagar II Phase,Is it true..and if so ,do all eligible applicants who were not lucky to get an allotment in the first round of allotment stand a definite chance for an allotment in the second round of lottery…and when is this second round of lottery scheduled..as from past several months it has been told by the KHB authorities on enquiry that it would be in Dec 11,feb 12 May 12…and so on…

    Still awaiting since….


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